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Meet Debbie Smith from A-TEMP.

Debbie Smith

A-Temp is a locally owned recruitment company. We came about by owner Debbie Smith applying for work through other recruitment agencies and being told she didn’t have any skills, when in fact, 28 years ago she had bought a small Dry-Cleaning Business with one staff member and turned it into a successful commercial laundry and operating with staff numbers of 40. Debbie thought that when she was looking for work, she would have been an ideal employee, reliable with both business and life skills. Self-taught with drive and determination knowing what needs to be done to ensure a successful business. However, this was not the case.

At this time Debbie consoled herself that when she had used agencies for Staff supply for her laundry that in fact, she had often got people totally unsuitable for the tasks required. So maybe there was an opportunity to start a Recruitment Agency that would employ people like Debbie and also due to her previous ownership skills provide Staff that were suitable for the tasks required by the employer.

Debbie is not one to sit around and wait for things to happen, she makes things happen. So, after discussion with her previous Accountant about the possibility of running a successful Recruitment Agency A-Temp was born.

The aim of A-Temp is to change people’s lives either by finding an employee their ideal job or finding an employer the ideal employee. A-Temp have adopted a unique difference in dealing with both skilled and unskilled people from all walks of life.

With Debbie’s previous business experience, she has adopted some strategies to determine what person fits best for the employer, as with her past experience, she is very aware of the time and energy that is spent employing staff, often with no success.

Atemps point of difference is that we are trying to find permanent placements for our applicants. All applicants may start as Temporary Staff, but our ultimate goal is to find them permanent placements.

While growing up Debbie’s parents were keen golfers and Debbie followed in their footsteps took up the sport at which she not only thrived at, but excelled at and was selected to proudly represent New Zealand.

Debbie has not only played all around New Zealand being NZ champion 1984 and travelled to Countries like Hong Kong, Australia, Germany, Canada representing the NZ Ladies team.

To be able to compete at this level while also running a successful business shows the drive Debbie has to succeed at anything she puts her mind to.

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